City library Ostrov

Welcome to the new webpage City Library Ostrov (CL Ostrov). Its aim is to visit the library more enjoyable and add new features to make life easier for users - readers. CL Ostrov is the founder of Ostrov City. The library collection today are also books and pamphlets and periodicals,maps, collections of laws, audiovisual documents (CD, LP, MC, DVDs, audio books, …). If you are looking for something out of it, soyou may very well serve our online catalog of all library holdings. If you do not find what you are looking for, so we can help you with finding the book, document or other brochures in the library using the MVS (Interlibrary Loan system).


The website contains a complete library database with online reservation or rental. Reader from the comfort of home, choose a title, and book it. When you visit the library, then it just picks up. Web site offers links to other libraries and also serves as a generalinformation channel for all the events around books.